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You're going to want to read this!

Admittedly, It has been awhile since I posted a new blog post. But, don't you worry. The wheels are always turning!

I know we are right in the dead of summer now (and what I'm about to say might irritate some folks..) but it's time to start thinking about "Back to School". I know, I know. It's not EXACTLY what you wanted to hear right now, but, cheer up because there is more exciting news below.

As some of you may know, we have been running a summer bootcamp-style exercise series. (aptly named BST "Summer Series") It was first called BST presents: G.R.I.N.D. "Summer Series" and as you can tell, that got a little wordy. So naturally, our fit fam started referring to it as, simply, 'Summer Series". It's easier that way... right?

That leads to me to my fist bit of exciting information. For those of you who have been following along with my journey for the last couple years or so, you'll likely be the MOST excited about this.

After much thought, we will be referring to all bootcamp-style activities, moving forward, as M.E.L.T. The acronym stands for more energy less time. The workouts will be specifically designed to get your heart rates up and get you moving around. Also, the class times themselves will be slightly abbreviated (From 60 mins, to roughly 45-50) to allow a better workout in less time (As the title would suggest).

"Wait, Jake, you have actual class times? I thought you were "just" an online coach?

That leads me to my next bit of info. I have recently partnered up with Precision Fitness (locations in CDA/Hayden) to offer more Small Group Training opportunities, more 1-on-1 coaching, and more availability as a whole!

My goal is, and always will be, to help maximize your results the right way! With more accountability,motivation and proper coaching, I plan to stick by that goal and bring it to a wider variety of clients.

My last little nugget of information is possibly the most exciting piece.

Coming end of August (Next month) I will be running a "Back to School" Fitness challenge. It will be an 8-week challenge that will include both online and in-person aspects. NOT ALL of the the details have been ironed out just yet but there will be multiple prizes handed out at the finally of the program. It will be open to any and all fitness levels and will have a nutrition aspect included as well.

Again, final details should be ironed out in the next couple weeks, so keep your eyes open. As soon as it's finalized, I will pass along via social media and this blog.

Lets get ready to rock & roll! #BSTfitness




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