• Jake Shaw

In the Big Scheme of Things

There are going to be days when you don't want to to something for one reason or another.

As I lie here, sick as a dog, I wanted to reflect back on the whirlwind of change that has come my way in the last few months.

You don't always realize all that happens when your in the driver seat.

Since November;

I got married after 5 1/2 awesome years

I left a comfortable job to take a chance on something I truly believe in.

I created and launched #BSTfitness - my online personal training company.

My wife and I have been house shopping for our first home but so far, no success.

This year has already been crazy and I'm sure there is more to come. These are all big steps in the grand scheme of things and I can't thank those who have made it possible enough.

If you have read this far in the post, remember to thank someone today. Spread joy, positivity and respect for others. This world can be a cruel place but, for the most part, people are good. They mean well. I promise. :)

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