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What Is Motivation and How does it Help you Succeed?

Let me start by saying that motivation is a GREAT thing. An amazing tool to use at your disposal. This day in age, you can find motivation through YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram pictures. Virtually, anywhere you look.

With that said, Motivation is simply a tool to help you find the will to do what you already know how to do. The trouble with motivation? It's not constant. You won't always feel that feeling. You won't always be able to turn it on or off.

I could sit here (as a trainer) and tell you that you can do whatever you want and I can personally guarantee results and I can pump rainbows up..... well, you get the picture.

Do you want to know what I tell everyone I have worked with to this point?

"It's NOT going to be easy."

"It's NOT going to happen overnight"

"There are times when it will NOT be fun."

Does anyone know what it boils down to?

It comes down to discipline. It comes down to doing it even though its "hard". It comes down to realizing that the outcome will absolutely be worth every step of the journey. It's just that, a journey.

Discipline, Focus, Determination, Satisfaction.

Yes, my job is to help others become stronger. But more importantly, my mission is to help all of my clients become stronger mentally, emotionally AND physically.

For all you numbers junkies, I want to provide some very real numbers with you. I would say 80% of new gym goers will quit before 90 days comes and goes. Another 10% will stay for 6 months but will do the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY..... Thus halting their own progress and adding stress and frustration. the other 10% will stay for more than a year for either 1 of 2 reasons.

1. Their company pays for their membership so they feel obligated to check in a couple times a week


2. They have discipline. they are also focused, determined, and soon, they will be satisfied when they accomplish the goals they set out for long ago.

"But Jake, how the hell do you stay motivated even when it becomes monotonous working out?" "How do you stay focused when life seemingly gobbles you up?"

Lets get a few things straight, I am not a robot and I know that life happens. Sometimes unexpected events come about and there is no way around that. I encourage you to not use that as an escape plan. Take some time to reset. Know that when you do comeback, you'll likely not be as strong as you were before. AND THATS OK.

Secondly, Motivation comes in many forms. Though temporary, it is a fantastic tool to be used to aid you. Youtube videos, pre-workout supplements, music or whatever else. You have all heard of "Calorie Tracking" haven't you? Why not keep track of your reps/weight using a log of some kind as well? That can be a great way to keep focus and drive at a premium.

Really, fitness is about being better than YOU were yesterday. Every rep. Every Set. Every Day. Make changes to your regular routine (on occasion of course). If you have heard me say it once, you have heard me say it a million times,

"Step out of your damn comfort zone!"

Nothing worth noting has ever happened inside of ones comfort zone ;)

Again, I will be honest with you. Motivation WILL NOT always be there. It comes and goes like the seasons change. As soon as you become mentally, emotionally and physically strong (both inside and outside of the gym) that's when progress becomes noticeable results.

My challenge to you is to find alternative forms of motivation. When you do, harness that feeling. Use it to your advantage. RUN WITH IT!

That is how you will "Become Stronger Today."

Jake S.


BST Fitness

"Become Stronger Today"


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