• Jake Shaw

Time Flys, Learn to cherish every moment

Often times, in moments of reflection, we realize that moments that have come and gone. Both the good and the bad. But its never IN the moment when we realize that.

After being away from pretty much all social media for the last ten days, I can tell you, I am grateful for the moments had. Visiting family that we don't often see and doing things we don't usually make the time for was definitely a refreshing experience.

Like many of you, I have made it my goal, moving forward, to always appreciate those around you. It sounds cliche (saying cliche is cliche isn't it...?) but we never know when our last moment will come.

There is to much time wasted arguing, fighting and being stubborn with absolutely no resolution or means to an end. We (as a general term) exercise so much energy on refusing to accept the idea of being wrong that we are brushing aside of the idea of learning from our mistakes.

Its moments like this where I encourage you to take a step back and briefly think about why you are truly doing what you're doing. As stated in numerous other blogs, this is not a political based agenda. If I was to label my agenda, I would say spreading positivity and demonstrating thoughtfulness. It's not that hard to be a kind person. It's not that hard to learn from your mistakes. It's not that hard to compromise and come to a reasonable solution to your problems.

There are moments passing us by every day that we don't even realize. Think about how much we're missing. I know one thing. I don't want to miss a thing.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

We all need each other to make this thing work. I implore you to find it within yourself to adjust your mindset. Change is no longer something we can avoid whether we like it or not. Embrace it.