• Jake Shaw

This Hurts So Good.

There is a serious difference between PAIN & DISCOMFORT.

Pain is a way for the body to tell you that "we've gone to far, and we're going to need some time to heal what we've broken or destroyed." Discomfort, on the other hand, can be found in the form of soreness. Being sore, or "a good hurt," means you've done a great job of making your body work but not overdoing it creating harm to your body. Soreness is where the magic happens - building strength.

For those of you not aware already, getting back into or staying shape is not going to be something you can do overnight. Being uncomfortable is a good thing in your workouts. That means your body is changing. You're not going to die doing one sit up just because that one sit up is hard - it means your making your body step out of its comfort zone. You're starting the beginning of your fitness journey.

There are going to be times when you feel a way you've never felt before. Maybe a burning sensation or maybe a little sweat on the brow.

The good news is, ITS SUPPOSED TO HURT!

It's good to constantly remind yourself how far you have come at times of frustration. When you feel the scale won't move. When your attitude is trash or maybe when your not upping your weights at the rate you hoped you would.

Fitness, as a whole, is about more than all of that. Its about progress. Its about the little "wins" just as much as the big ones. Its about feeling stronger than you did yesterday and the day before that. The excuses have piled up for to long now. Its time to make a difference. Join me in the quest to Become Stronger Today. #becomestrongertoday #fitness

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