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The Reasons we don't say "I Can't".

Alright, It's time I finally say it. You know all those times you've said "I am so out of shape" or "I am tired of being fat" or maybe even (And this one is my personal favorite) "I don't have the time to be healthy."

Yeah, those times?

Those are excuses.

"But Jake, I REALLY don't have time to be healthy." "It's not an excuse if it's true right?"

My simple response. IT ABSOLUTELY IS AN EXCUSE.

Here is my reasoning:

1. Every single person in this world has the TIME. 24 hours in a day, work 8-10 and sleep 6-8 still leaves minimum of 6 hours in a day to move with intent.

2. The same people that throw themselves a pity party about wanting to be healthier have PLENTY OF TIME to go out and drink and binge on fancy dinners and party all weekend long.

Myself (and every other fitness professional) are not asking for you to spend hours and hours in the gym and tracking your intake and telling you that you can't go out with your friends and family and have yourself a good time.

I promise I am not an anti-fun robot designed to make your life a living hell.

Instead, I come up with a plan of action for each and every individual I work with to better themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Here is an example:

If you legitimately only have 20 minutes of free time in your entire day, take the dog on a walk around the block. Do squats during the commercials of whatever show you're currently binging. You could simply stretch before going to bed for 5-10 or god forbid 15 minutes.

If you are someone who travels and constantly finds yourself in a gym predicament, there are plenty of exercises you can do in the hotel room or hotel "gym".

It doesn't have to have extravagant equipment or even equipment at all. Our bodies are machines and are designed to MOVE! If all you can do is squats, push-ups and sit-ups, guess what?!? you can do that!

Here are some of my suggested forms of exercise that don't neccessairly require a gym membership:

1. Walk the dog.

I have never crossed paths with a dog that doesn't enjoy fresh air and discovering new scents are surroundings on a walk

2. No dog? That's ok. You can go hiking.

Find a trail locally using the all trails app or maybe you already have a favorite trail? perfect. Ready, set, go!

3. Play pick-up basketball

or really any sport through a local beer league, uhemm, I mean city league. You get to recruit the people you like most to be on your team.

4. Take up a new hobby (I did this this last year!)

Living in an area surrounded by beautiful mountain resorts means there is plenty of opportunity to hit the slopes this winter!

5. Maybe you're a warm weather person? SUP (stand up paddleboard for you muggles), Wake boarding, Water Skiing, Swimming, etc.

Under Rated "Non-Traditonal" Exercises:

1. Yard work (Rake those damn pine needles up!)

2. Good ole fashioned snow removal (Yes, that shovel actually moves the fluffy white stuff)

3. Cheering (Not like cheerLEADING, but simply getting excited for a sports event or concert or whatever) Think about how much you jump around, pace, clap you hands, yell etc.

So there it is. A simple solution to the dreaded "it's not an excuses if it's true right?' question because, in reality, it IS an excuse.

We, as a society, are always finding ways to make every day tasks easier. There is nothing wrong with that, except the fact that we reduce the amount we move whether it be each progression in technology or a lack of desire to do something the "old school" way.

Get out and move. Whether you hate the gym setting or not, your bodies with thank you later on. If you still struggling to realize that we are inherently sedentary as a society and are looking for a way to change your "Luck", read the aforementioned lists.

Happy Monday. Getting started is sometimes difficult, but when you look back, this is one decision you will thank yourself for for some time. I guarantee it.

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