• Jake Shaw

Stop Wasting your time!

What is the one thing that you spend the most amount of your time doing each week? I want you to honestly think about this. There are a number of you who will answer this with what you THINK everyone wants to hear. There are a number of your who will answer this simply to get a rise out of others.

Contrary to popular belief, it IS OK to have your own thoughts, your on ideas, your own feelings.

In a world where many of us care more about the number of likes we get on a social media post than our fellow friends and neighbors, something needs to change. We have been led down this path where we are made to believe that we have to get into tons of debt, to get a job we hate, to make the money we crave, to impress people we don't even really like. And, if we don't all go down that very path, we are thought of as a failure.

I am not knocking the path that you took to get to where you are today. I am knocking the system as a whole. The way the picture is painted. When did we lose sight of the dreams we all had as kids? When we wanted to be a firefighter or a cop or a superhero or a pro athlete?

When is it that we lose the sense of being whatever we wanted to be when we were all growing up?

In today's society, there is a "magic" number in which people feel that is you don't make that amount of money, you don't matter. How/why is that the fact?

Everyday we have the choice to continue living by our old habits and old ideals, in a world where 'everything sucks" or change our ways, make an effort to improve each and every day and live free from the fear of judgement from our peers.

Look, if I'm being honest, we are given every opportunity in the books to improve our current situations. The main problem...? US. we tend to be our own biggest road block. The uncertainty of doing something we maybe haven't done before or trying something that is difficult at first flat out scares many of us.

So is that the reason why so many fear change? Is that the very reason that so many fear "different" in general? Why do so many settle on mediocrity in there day-to-day?

Because we have been raised in a world where our lives have been planned out. I don't mean just OUR lives, but our parents lives and their parents lives. There have been unwritten rules presented that we have had to follow for generations and generations.

Now, in 2020, we are being presented an entirely new set of rules that we have to live by "or else". But what many see as a failure of year, I see as a year in which growth and opportunity are plentiful and the overall potential is at an all-time high!

You don't have to make drastic change to see improvement in your every day lives. You don't have to switch your friends group and you don't have to go "off the grid" to make improvements.

I'm not arguing that 2020 has been a year of crazy circumstances, but if you were to take a step back and see for yourself that those very circumstances have presented another decision for you to make, you would realize that you have more control of what happens to you than you think.

Life is simply a million binary decisions that are waiting to be made. On a daily basis. An hourly basis. Even on a minute to minute basis. The problem that many have is that there is not a set of rules that we have to follow, so to speak. In a year like this, no one who is currently alive, has lived through a set of circumstances like the ones currently in place. SO we have a decision to make, together.

Should we continue to follow the same rules and guidelines that have been in place for years or take this as an opportunity to instill change in our society.

This year, I plan to live healthier. Try things I have never done before, Learn a new skill, be kind to people I have never met, build/connect with more people, take chances and more. This is my goal, now take a minute to think about the ONE THING you spend most of your time on each week?

Be proactive. Be kind and thoughtful. Be a decent person and quit complaining just to complain. Honestly, no one cares. Be better.

"Become Stronger Today"