• Jake Shaw

Sports are ALL the way BACK!

Ok. Let me take you back a whole 4 months ago. (Seems like an eternity, right?!?)

The date was March 11th. The NBA had a game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Utah Jazz. The teams were pretty evenly matched throughout the season and this was a game that likely had, at least, some playoff implications.

Moving closer and closer to the game, the NBA kept postponing the tip-off for uncited reasons, initially. Much to the dismay of the 17,000+ fans in attendance, this game was eventually cancelled as a result of one of the active players had tested positive for Covid-19.

It was this moment in which the ENTIRE sports landscape was altered FOREVER.

Not only did this cancel said NBA game, but, consequently, all future NBA, MLB, MLS, Nascar, Tennis, Golf and any other form of professional sports. Needless to say, this is something that has not happened often, possibly not ever in our lifetimes.

Now to today. It has been four months in the making. But, we are back. (And by we, I mean pro sports!) Putting politics aside for this conversation, I must commend all the leagues and players associations for putting together some form of return for much of the duration of their seasons yet to be played.

This is no easy task and to do it during a world wide pandemic doesn't really make things easier. Today marks the return of Major League Baseball. NASCAR has been back for about a month now, Major League Soccer has kicked off their version of the "Return to Play" season. and Hockey Returns in a matter of days with the Covid Cup.

If you can't already tell, I am beyond excited! I have watched any and all major sports since I could remember and to go on without that form of entertainment has been harder than I originally thought it would be.

For anyone who knows me, I may not be Harvard smart, but when it comes to sports, my brains is wired differently. I can tell you the most random facts from all the sports and rattle of the most useless stats and I get excited about watching games that most people wouldn't give half a rat about.

I am not intending to sound overly dramatic, but I believe that we as Americans need sports to return. Why? Because sports has always been an escape from reality. Sports has provided some form of "water cooler" talk for some time and it has ultimately provided individuals, like myself, something to better understand and relate too. Having been an athlete all growing up, I initially had plans of going to school to become a broadcaster because I could rattle off plays and moments as they were happening, in real time. I enjoyed the feeling seeing a 'big"moment happen. I enjoyed holding my breath waiting to see the outcome of another play.

You can begin to understand why I, among so many others across the nation, are excited for the "return to play". To you, they may only seem like silly games with snobby people making political statements and making far to much money.

I rebuttal with this, aren't those the same reasons you watch reality TV? Although I am not personally a fan of many of the aforementioned, we'll call them "qualities", I am still a fan of the game. Each game is unique. Each game has its own quirks and that's what makes sports interesting and fun.

Not a single Kardashian can give you that.

Welcome back sports. Welcome back.

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