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Social Media and Its affect on Today's Society

Do me a favor and lend me 5 minutes of your time and read this post all the way through and please share your thoughts with me. I want to hear what you all have to say!

Whatever your reasoning, there is a similar reason that we all get into the teaching/coaching/educating realm. That is to lend a hand and assist others. Am I right so far?

With the climate of today's society, it has become more and more common to have some "fall through the cracks" of whatever learning environment individuals may be partaking in. Whether that's sports, school or any other extra curricular activities (Music, Dance, Cheer, etc) we have come to an impasse where being wrong or not understanding something has become a very negative thing, in turn, this has created a feeling of insecurity and high anxiety in many of today's youth.

Yes, the internet (Social Media) has played a big factor in allowing any and all to make nasty comments and "throw shade" to those who may have differing opinions knowing there are zero repercussions. This has created the "fear of being wrong". Kids don't ask questions for fear of being made fun of.

(NOTE: If there was a system for disciplining negative/nasty comments on social media platforms, how would you propose it be facilitated?)

But, that isn't the ONLY reason and many of those in positions to change the status quo have done absolutely nothing to change the way we approach matters of the sort.

Now, as a 27 year old, I too use social media on the daily. I grew up with the reveal of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Know that I am not placing the entirety of the blame on these sites. I feel it is far to easy to blame others for our own wrong doings. Our inability to accept responsibility for ourselves is at an all-time high!

As the owner of a personal training and fitness coaching business, I work with individual and small groups to not only become stronger physically, but also change the mindset of those who have found themselves in a place they don't like. I work to motivate and sometimes, motivation is found in differing circumstances.

In recent years, it has become inherently more difficult to "find" positivity in peoples lives. They get so wrapped up in trying to be something that they are not or comparing themselves to someone else based off of the "highlights" said someone produced and put on social media.

I am constantly reminding my clients that they are not (insert Instagram model or fitness icon name here). It is literally their job to look a certain way and portray a visual aesthetic. Just like Hollywood actors or actresses. If they don't, guess what? They get fired. Just like us if we don't do our jobs.

On top of the constant comparisons, there is a comment section on almost every post on social media and this is where you can find some of the most disgusting comments by what I refer to as "keyboard warriors".

Yes, it is okay to voice your opinion. (See 1st amendment to the constitution)

That is not what I am discussing. What is not okay is tearing down someone else's theory, idea or daily successes in order to fit your agenda, be it different or not.

These are the types of people have nothing else going on in their lives so they sit behind a keyboard and spew racist, sexist, misogynist, and other generally insensitive comments that they would not have the guts to say in person. They feel they have the "safety" of the internet, which in reality is a very falsified feeling.

When these apps were created, they were intended to help connect all of us, not create a stifling disconnect between all.

All of that being said, I will say that there is plenty of positive energy and a seemingly unlimited amount of learning opportunities shared among the many platforms as well. This is where we as parents,coaches, teachers and overall leaders need to come together to find a way to better communicate with, not only the youth of today, but all of our friends and neighbors. As aforementioned, We can use these very same platforms for good instead of creating anxiety and the feeling of constant judgement.

Much of what I am saying is NOT an original idea but many of us continue to brush off the signs of anxiety and even depression. If nothing else, lets work together to create and spread more positivity than hate and lift one another up. It doesn't matter your age, race, gender, religion, height, weight or anything like that.

The ability to be kind is FREE and you never know who will be positively impacted by a gesture such as a smile, or holding the door, or simply saying hello. We all have it hard. But, I guarantee someone else has it harder.

Be thankful for where you are.

Work hard for where you want to be.

Smile through those difficult times.

Know it's not going to be easy.

But it will be worth it.

What will you today to improve the situation of someone else tomorrow?

My Business Motto: Become Stronger Today

It's about more than building up your muscles. It's about building up those around you. It's about building up your ecosystem, if you will. It's about becoming a positive influence as well as surrounding yourself with other positive influences. It's about becoming stronger.... starting today.

Again, Lets work together to spread positivity and kindness. It WON'T cost you a dime, but it WILL greatly impact those around you.

If you read this and feel moved to make a post of your own, use #powerofpositivity or #mindsetmatters and share others posts. You never know who you'll impact.

Thank you for following, sharing and hopefully enjoying the content I work hard to create for all of you. Most of the time, its pretty light-hearted but sometimes, I feel the need to discuss things that I encounter regularly. So again, thank you for your support.

Jake S


BST Fitness

"Become Stronger Today"

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