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Sit Down. We need to talk.

So, it has been brought to my attention (on more than 1 occasion) that nutrition is hard.

Many of us can go to the gym, get some weights off of the rack and move around a little bit. (aka workout) but its what happens OUTSIDE OF THE GYM that can make or break your fitness journey!

Endless amounts of terminology being thrown around social media and at your local health clubs is the way of the world today and that makes it very overwhelming to even know where to start. Terms like, "keto-friendly" or "carb cycling" are commonly used in the grocery store and on Jenny Craig commercials. Maybe you understand everything about each of these terms. then again, maybe you don't. My goal with this month's newsletter is to simplify the nutrition spectrum. Or at least small portions of it ;)

Terminology is confusing. Which makes understanding 70% of your fitness journey seem like one of the world's most daunting tasks. You've likely heard the 70/30 rule. Fitness is 70% what you're fueling your body with and 30% how you use your body.

My recommendations...?

Don't stress yourself out. Don't guilt trip yourself. Don't limit yourself.

I know this all sounds crazy, so let me explain. To often, I meet with people who don't know much about nutrition. They think they do because they heard from Betty at the office that, "not eating breakfast saves you X amount of calories and it forces your body to use fat for energy, therefore your burning pure fat!"

First off, uh, just stop. Think before you speak Betty. Secondly, breakfast is a MUST and it helps fuel your body for the first portion of your day. Now that's not meant to give you the free pass at those doughnuts you love every morning. But, even a couple hundred calories can fuel your morning, ignite your brain (helping you think clearly) and support muscle function for those who enjoy an early morning workout.

On the flip side, some individuals will eat something and then guilt trip themselves into thinking it was "bad" and that they cant eat anything else the rest of the day.

Again, huh?

In what world would not eating be a good decision? from this moment forward,

Try to think of food as fuel. Social media paints a picture that certain foods are "bad" and 'good". This is a common misconception. I want you to treat food, not as a weapon, but as a tool. So you ate a Cheeseburger and fries. Guess what? Doing so, on occasion, is not going to destroy you. Many ask why it takes no time to "get fat" and takes FOREVER to lose the weight?

News Flash:

It takes a long time and the development of bad habits to gain weight. No one, and I mean no one, got fat over night....

On that same note, No one ever lost all the weight over night. Both sides of the story take time. Its a series of small decisions that add up to the end result.

So, don't treat food as the enemy. I encourage each and every one of you to see food as fuel. it helps your body function. its helps your brain function. It helps you not become HANGRY!

If you forget everything you read in this article, don't forget this one takeaway. Making small decisions to become wiser with your daily nutrition and deciding to start or restart a exercise regimen is literally the best decision you can make. Know going in that its not going to happen overnight, but, that doesn't mean its never going to happen. Stay the course. Stay consistent and enjoy life and don't look back. Minimize stress in your life by treating nutrition and exercise as a healthy change but know tht we are all human and slip-ups happen. Don't let your one slip-up become an avalanche of bad decisions.

I believe in you. Now, I need YOU to believe in you.

Together, We're all....

Becoming Stronger Today.

Jake Shaw Founder/Coach BST Fitness


As always, thank you for reading and following this crazy journey of mine. I have added a link for you to share this on social media or via email. I appreciate the support and look forward to connecting with as many of you as humanly possible. If you are currently stuck in a workout/nutrition rut, feel free to message me on social media and or through my email. (link provided at the bottom of the page)

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