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School is back In Session: My 5 tips to Finding Yourself

As another school year rolls around and the schedules begin to re-align, take a few moments to read my 5 tips to help YOU get back into the swing of things too.

Tip #1

Work hard.

It sounds so simple on the surface right? Well, as I have learned myself, it is not in reference to the times you WANT to work hard, but rather, the time that you don't. I encourage each of you reading this to get into the habit of working hard. Whether it be completing your homework (student or parent) or finishing that project at work. Do it to the best of your abilities. Even when you think that "I'll just do what it takes to slide by", do MORE.

To many times, there is people "Just getting by". Doing the bare minimum to "pass" or get the job done. In the big scheme of things, "just getting by" won't get you by in the real world.

Giving more effort and doing more work will provide many more opportunities for those who apply themselves. Trust me.

Tip #2

Positivity is Power.

The power of positivity is a real thing. Not unlike the first tip, it will be easy to radiate a positive demeanor at first, but what about those times when the deck is seemingly stacked against you? What about when the whether turns and the long winter days come around? What about when things pile up that are out of your control?

Here is my advice: Things that are out of your control are just that, OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. So rather than letting them hold you back, why not focus your energy more to the things you CAN control?

You can always keep working. Learn new things. Smile more. Lend a hand. Make someones day....

Get the idea?

It's not always about you. It's more about the world around you. Spread positivity. Smile more.

Tip #3

Expand your comfort zone.

Take this school year as an opportunity to try something new or different. The same old only gets you so far. How else will you learn about your interests and dislikes? Adventuring and learning and trying new things could completely change your outlook. If you find yourself in a rut, do something different for a change. It doesn't have to be monumental. it doesn't even have to be "High Dollar".

Change up the route you drive to work. Change up the way your prepare your coffee. Switch up your outfits your regularly wear. Try wearing your hair a different way. Whatever it is, commit fully to the change. You may not feel that making small changes is significant, but in actuality, it is. Believe me.

That leads me perfectly into my 4th tip.

Tip #4

Own it.

So you have decided to make a change. Excellent! But now, you're worried about what others may think.

Fully commit. Trust yourself. Own it.

Who honestly cares what others think?

There is no stronger feeling than complete confidence. I'm not talking about over confidence or being cocky. I mean when you are trying something new and you absolutely master it and you get that feeling. You know the one i'm talking about. When you feel like you're on top of the world and you feel like nothing could go wrong? Yeah, that feeling.

What separates those who are cocky from those who are confident is one simple thing. Humility. Humility, in a sense, is when someone who is supremely confident doesn't flaunt it. Doesn't throw it in your face. Doesn't belittle others. Rather carries themselves with a sense of success while also harnessing the ability to help others and share with others those same successes.

Tip #5


Individuality is very closely related to what was discussed in tip #4. Individuality is when you do something regardless of what others will think. Within reason of course.

Being yourself will get your farther in this world than much else. When people see that you are some combination of genuine, transparent, loyal, honest, exhibit integrity and humility, that is when you have really become successful.

There are so many copycats in this world and so it's very important to be yourself. There is an old adage, "Fake it til you make it". It's 2019, that adage is in fact old and outdated. Forget fake and start being real. We all have the ability to change and to learn and to share with others so that our generation and generations to come have the ability to be successful and to forge their own paths.

For may of you reading this, whether you're a student or parent or just someone looking for some form of motivation, I implore you to apply one or all of these tips to your daily life. Much like life itself, fitness is a journey and will take time. There is so much info available to us that is seems like you don't know where to start or where you're going or what obstacles will present themselves along the way.

AND THAT'S THE BEAUTIFUL THING! No one know where this life is headed. No one knows what obstacles may come about. But, if you focus on what you can control and simply CARE about how you go about things, good things will come to those that work. That exhibit humility. That smile more. That step out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Living life to its fullest has never been more attainable than right now. Harness that ability and:

Live, Do, Fail, Learn, Try, Try, Again. No one else is like you and no one else walks down the same path.

Fitness or not, we all have work to do. But if we join forces, we are the strongest team of all time.

"Become Stronger Today" #BSTfitness

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