• Jake Shaw

You're in charge of your impact in this world

Quit searching for positivity around you. Instead, create the positive change that you seek.

It sounds like an odd statement. But when you really boil it down, it's not as difficult as you may think. In today's society, there is a lot going on.

Newsflash: there has ALWAYS been a lot going on. There has always been outside distractions. As long as major media has been around, there has always been bad news.

We are living in a time when us being "woke" is at an all time high. Thanks to tech, we have so much more access to information that we may not have had before. As I have stated in previous posts, my political views don't matter here. But what does matter, is the fact that we are all in charge and responsible for the situation we find ourselves in.

Aside from the terrible virus that is very much running rampant through our country, we are also entirely surrounded by negativity and admittedly, it is infectious. (Not in a good way.)

When we wake up, we check social media and see nothing but bad news. Throughout our work days, we have either of the major news networks on TV and all we hear is bad news. We come home and (already agitated) grow more and more angry with the barrage of questions and tasks ahead like dinner, homework, paying bills etc.

So with all of this said, I offer a solution to help improve your current situation. You don't need to pay $100's of dollars to a shrink or a coach or anything like that. Instead, you're in charge. (I know you're thinking , "I like the sounds of that.")

So hear it goes.


"Jake what does this mean...? That's a daunting task that your making seem easy."

Do you wake up and scroll any social media for more than 10 minutes...? Do you watch CNN or Fox News and/or check you phone for news updates periodically throughout the day? Do you, in turn, feel that you must be heard and are rude to people you've never meet because "the internet gives me that right"? As a result, you are setting yourself up for failure aka a bad day.

It's a slippery slope my friends and by simply following these bad habits every day, it's not unlike following other bad habits. They will absolutely affect you in a negative manner.


Say you scroll Facebook for 30 minutes before bed, growing agitated with each swipe of your thumb. And with each passing story, you read JUST the headline and begin to complain about how you disagree whole-heartedly.


You're already in the habit of reading something before bed right, why not read something science fiction or historical or military based? What I'm trying to say is, read a damn book. More often then not, politics isn't included. The do, however, provide thought provoking context.

Scenario #2:

You hate your job and have hated it for years now. Each day, you wake up and drag you feet and piss and moan all the way to the office and then begin your 8-hour work day. Not to be outdone by the previous scenario, you bitch and complain to every one you cross paths with and begin to lobby for them to support you.

If you don't see any issue here, well, you've got big problems.

Solution #2:

Actively, begin the job search during your free time. There are literally thousands of options out there. There is something out there that you might like and may not even know it yet. Let your curiosity take over. Applying for jobs has become easier and easier with every turn.

You complaining to co-workers and customers does nothing but negatively affect everyone involved. You complaining to someone is not going to make you feel better and it will make the co-worker or client feel weird and will probably have negative repercussions (i.e lost business or lost productivity, which would result in you having to work harder for the same pay) which would have the same effect as shooting yourself in the foot.... Not ideal.

I think we all get the picture. Often times, we find ourselves in unpleasant situations. And too often , we look to pass the blame to others. It's time we all take responsibility. It's time we step up and use what we all know to spread positivity.

We can't all walk a mile in each other's shoes, but we can WANT to learn. Willingness to lend a hand, to help someone smile or make someone's day has more power than even we may realize. You never know people's previous chapters of their story but you can help shape the rest of their novel.

Point is, we are all a team. We are all capable of good. We are all capable of selflessness. We should not need to work a job to buy things we can't afford to impress the ones we can't stand.

I'm not suggesting that we have to enjoy everyone's company. But putting in effort can change your entire outlook.

You just have to be willing.

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