• Jake Shaw

Halloween Spectacular


So hear is the deal.

Prior to the pandemic, I had organized and tentatively scheduled an event that I was really excited for. It was going to be an opportunity to bring the community together for a good cause and, for some, help jump start their "health living' related goals.

Then, of course, Covid-19 ran rampant throughout not only our community, but our nation, as a whole.

This provided a bit of a "road block" of sorts.

More importantly than me organizing and hosting a community event, it was a priority to make sure anyone who was at higher risk be as safe as possible and as a result, much of the fitness community (along with nearly every occupation) was brought to a stand still for much of 2020.

Even with that being said, many of you have asked about this event and whether or not it is happening or not and I am excited to announce that it has been 'green lighted" and we are going for it!

We are still finalizing some of the finer details but are planning for it to be "Halloween" themed.

That means pumpkins! That means Ghosts & Goblins! That means Costumes (Possibly?).

We are going to have some fun with this one and help raise funds for a great cause right here within our community.

But before anything goes final, I need to ask you for your help....

I need you to tell every single person you know. I need you all to help spread the word.

My goal is to make this a MASSIVE success and that cannot be achieved without the help of you.

As stated earlier, details are still being finalized but as soon as they are, You'll be the first to know!

Make sure to follow me on social media to stay up-to-date with the very latest details release:

IG: @bst_365

Facebook: BST 365

Youtube: BST 365

This is going to be BIG and I am very excited for this opportunity. With everything that has gone on this year, lets try to make up for it by bringing together the community, supporting a fantastic, local non profit and have some fun doing so!

If you're with me, share this to your friends :)