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Grocery Shopping MAde Easy!

It's no secret that grocery stores have an abundance of products ranging from "prepare yourself" to "on-the-go" treats.

Thousands of different companies are represented. All in one place. Made easy for your to grab and go right?

So, why does it seem like we dread grocery shopping so much? is it because it can be boring? Or is it because crippling anxiety hits us when we are forced to make a decision on what to buy?

Maybe, its neither of those. Maybe, it's simply because we don't want to buy all the groceries only to have to bag them ourselves, take all the bags from the car to the house (in one trip mind you, two is not an option) only then to stock the fridge and cabinets with said food and finally, the prep/cook time.

All of that could very well be the reason grocery shopping tends to be minimal amounts of fun.

At this point, I know you're asking "How do I make grocery shopping easier/quicker/more efficient?" oh, "while also staying healthy?"

Look no further. Throughout the course of this post, I will be breaking down how and where to find healthy food all while saving a few extra bucks and keeping your family from constant state of "hangry-ness".

Lesson #1 - "Fast Track" your Super Market

Its easy to find yourself wandering your local supermarket. Its a slippery slope of temptation when you see those giant bags of candy and "Family Size" bags of chips.

My advice to you: Stay on the outside ring of your supermarket.

This is where you will find the "essentials" like fruits, vegetables, dairy products like milk & greek yogurt. The items located in the middle of the store are usually sugary sweets or salt-overloaded snack foods.

Now, like most rules, there are a couple exceptions to this rule. I am a big fan of oatmeal myself. and that is found in your cereal aisle. Cereal is generally found in the middle of the store.

It's important you don't get sidetracked while in this aisle because its easy to find things such as pop-tarts or super sugary cereals, so that leads me, perfectly, into my next lesson.

Lesson #2 - Make a Damn List

If you go in with a list and stick to that list, there is a far better chance that you won't be making those "impulse" purchases (like chips, crackers, pop, energy drinks,candy etc).

Again, the "healthier" options are located on throughout the outer most ring of your supermarket. If you are remembering to put these items on your list first, it will almost assuredly keep you from just aimlessly throwing random items in your basket.

Don't get me wrong, I eat not-so-good but knowing that if more often than not I am eating well, things will work out. That leads me into #3.

Lesson #3 - 75% of your items are items that can go bad

"Jake, why the hell would I buy stuff if its just going to go bad?"

Let me explain myself. I didn't say "Buy all the shit and make sure you let it go bad!"

If 75% of the items you buy at the store are something with a relatively short "freshness" time-frame, I would be willing to bet they are far healthier items than the alternative. I'll even let you guess whereabouts in the grocery stores you can find these items...?

If you guessed around the outer most ring around the store, 5 bonus points to gryffindor.

Here is the deal, people often time hate making the regular trips to the grocery store and as a result, they try and stock-pile as much literal garbage as they can so they don't have to frequent said store. As a result, these people find themselves eating the previously mentioned garbage and whatever they eat, their family has to eat, right? So then every generation that lives in the house eats like trash and medical issues start to arise. Are you seeing where i'm going with this?

If we all work together to instill healthy eating/snacking habits and promote exercise and forget seeing it as a "punishment" I promise we can fix the obesity rate in this country!

Ok. I went on a bit of rant there. But it was for a purpose. and I hope this has a lasting effect of you and your family. I provided three, very simple, steps to help you the next time you're at the grocery store.

If we all started to buy;

  1. Items from the outer most ring around our grocery stores

  2. Make a list prior to running to the store

  3. Make sure 75% of our purchased items have a relatively short "freshness" window.

I truly believe we can dramatically change the amount of energy we have, reduce many medical issues and live a healthier overall life. We have the preconceived ideas about so much in our lives and its time we "pull back the curtain' and change the way we feel about the grocery store.

It actually has a greater impact on you and your families lives than you may think. Try to follow these lessons the next time you make the grocery run!





Thank you to all who read and continue to support each of my ventures. This blog has been there since (almost) the beginning. I will be featuring more posts in the near future and hope to have you still follow along.

I want to be a good source for information, educated opinion and possibly highlight some my creativity with each and every one of you! Feel free to share a post in hopes of inspiring someone you may know. Slowly, I want this to become a community of sorts and without each of you, that wouldn't be possible, so, thank you again for your support.


Jake S.

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