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Eliminate the guess work at the gym

I want to try something different. Something that some may call me crazy for. Something that some my not understand.

That's ok with me.

Let me explain.

It has been my goal, since the beginning, to help as many people as possible. I think that is a common goal with many of us. I truly think that fitness is more about finding the right mindset and less about being "tough" or "strong". To me, its about finding the motivation to do something you may not want to do. It's about knowing the results you crave come from the work you put in. "Strong" is more of a principle and less of an adjective to describe someones physique.

Because, a strong physique is what people see. An end result. Many of us on lookers have no idea the journey someone has been on to get to where they are now. Unlike many other facets in life, fitness can be a great tool to help bring us together. Going to the gym can be a healthy escape and for many of us its a safe place for friendly conversation, challenging friends to push themselves or maybe even testing our own limits.

Whatever the reason is, we are all in this together. As aforementioned, we dont truly know each others stories. Where they come from, their upbringing, much about their home or personal life, and THATS OK!

What I want to do is do my part to help those who may not know where to start with their workouts. Or, someone who is looking to change up their current workout because they've hit a plateu or lost some bit of motivation.

Ultimately, I want to eliminate or greatly reduce the "intimidation" factor of the gym. I want to simplify the process for beginners all the way to lifelong gym goers. I want to be a source of stability and encouragment.

So with that, I am proud to announce that this will be the first of a mini series of 6 weekly workouts that I want to provide to you, at no fee, because everyone deserves to feel what it like when progress is made.

For each of the next 6 weeks, I will provide a visual explaining the workout and will explain 'how-tos" with text below

First off, let me be very clear when I say, the graphic may say "Monday/Wednesday/Friday". Know that you can do these workouts any day of the week.

Now that that's clear, lets jump right in!

DB Front Squats:

  • Pick a weight that you feel is "difficult but doable"

  • Hold weight together at about chest height

  • Elbows are close to your body

  • Push hips backwards towards a wall

  • Move like you're about to sit down

  • Stop motion once elbows hit thighs

  • Stand up tall

Hamstring Curls:

  • Pick a weight that is difficult but doable

  • Lay face down on the floor

  • Place Dumbbell upright on floor behind you

  • "Grab" DB between your feet.

  • Bring you heels to your butt

Leg Extensions:

  • This can be done on a machine or just a regular bench

  • Machine is recommended for beginners or those lifting heavy

  • Sit upright on a bench

  • Place a dumbbell between your feet (Facing up & down like previous exercise)

  • Lean back slightly

  • Extend your legs until paralell with the floor

3-way Lunges:

  • A helpful tool for this is a TRX or Suspension Training set-up

  • Hold handles of TRX at chest height

  • Step away, laterally, away from your opposite foot

  • Shift weight to furthest leg

  • Step back together

  • Step straight backwards (standard stride length)

  • Back together

  • Step "off-axis" from your stationary foot (standard stride length still)

  • Back toegther

Ok, so "Day #1" is in the books. You might gathered that this was what some refer to as "leg day". Really, you're simply working through a number of different "squat" variations (for the most part)

That brings us to "Day 2"

DB Bench Press:

  • Use a flat bench or lye on the floor is bench is unvailable

  • Find a set of dumbbells that are "difficult but doable" (you might be picking up on a theme here)

  • Push you heels through the floor

  • Keep your core stabilized

  • Press weights from collar bone straight away, towards the cieling.

  • come back to starting point, under control and slowly

DB Chest Fly:

  • Can be done on a machine or on floor

  • Same set-up as bench press

  • Instead of pushing weight away from your body, you'll essentially "hug" the weight together directly over your chest

  • Slow and Controlled on the way bck to the starting point

Narrow Push-ups:

  • Start in push-up position (Modified or Standard)

  • Place hands somewhere just inside shoulder width apart (Closer togther = Higher Difficulty)

  • Lower yourself slowly

  • Press yourself away from the floor more rapidly

Triceps Kickback:

  • Grab a single dumbbell

  • Lean slightly forward

  • Pull elbow back, just beyond your torso

  • Keep elbow in place, extend you arm to straight

Day #2 is in the books! Not as easy as it looks huh?

On to Day #3

DB Bent Over Rows:

  • Much like the last exercise from Day #2, kick your hips back, hinging your upper body forward

  • Maintain a flat back throughout

  • Pull weights up from the floor, elbows towards ceiling

  • Slowly return to starting position (3 seconds or so)

Pull-ups or Lat Pulldown:

  • Many gyms have a machine that can assist with this motion, ask the front desk reps.

  • If not, you can use a resistance band (Lighter wont assist as much as a heavier option)

  • Place band either under you knee or in the arch of your shoe

  • Lower yourself towards the floor safely

  • Pull yourself up towards the bar

For Lat pulldowns:

  • Place hands overhead

  • Pull Bar or Band down towards the top of your chest

Back Extensions:

  • I usually use a swiss ball (yoga ball)

  • Lay down on your stomach

  • Feet behind you (Wider positioning will stabilize more)

  • Take you chest towards the floor slowly

  • Pull your shoulders up towards the ceiling

There you have it! Week #1 of this 6-part mini series. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I hope everyone finds some bit of value in this. Whthe ryou are looking for something new or just looking for a way to get started period, these are designed for beginners all the way to everyday gym goers.

Please DO share this post with your friends and family members. If its helps someone, thats what I hope for it to do. Stay tuned for more workouts, event annoucnments and more.

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