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Do you Believe in Luck?

Hey all,

I am going to start this off by saying, It has been a rough couple weeks for me. From coming down with the sickness and having to make an urgent care run to having dreaded car problems and finished off by having to make ANOTHER urgent care run. (because I got in a fight with a knife.... needless to say, the knife won.)

Like I said, a rough week and a half or so.

So that got me thinking. How does one go about "changing their luck"? Is it simply out of our control? Or, is there actually something we can say about it?

I am here to tell you how I approached my seemingly difficult times. I would love to hear back from each of you on how you, personally, would handle times similar or just tougher times of your own.

Without further ado, my approach to tough times.

First off, let me tell you that I am not really a gambling man so I have never really had a clear grasp on whether I was deserving of the "lucky" title or not. Let me also be the first to say that I do think that luck, as a concept, is a very real thing!

On the other hand, practical application and understanding how "luck" happens is something I have a tough time wrapping my brain around. Is it just entirely random and good things just simply happen to random people at random times of day throughout random times of their lives? Or is "luck" a predetermined notion that those who "earn it" are far more inclined to receive said luck?

I want each of you reading this to chew on those questions for a second and hear me out for a minute or two. I DO believe that you can "earn" good luck.

I don't see someone working tirelessly for years at the same company to then be promoted a case of "luck". I am of the thought that we (as a society) are inherently lazy in thinking something like this is simply "luck".

Now I do believe that if you or I were to walk into a casino right this moment and at the same time dropped a quarter in a slot machine and one of us just happened to hit the jackpot, that is "luck" (to a point). Really, casinos have rigged up a system to where the probability of winning a jack pot is so highly unlikely that when it does happen, it would appear that the winner is lucky, when in actuality, the algorithms in place have such heightened odds and randomized timing that the jackpots would in fact, appear to be luck.

If those examples made any sense at all to you, raise your hands...... perfect ok, moving on.

So, at this point, you're likely asking "Jake, how am I going to improve my luck?" or "Jake, how come i'm NEVER lucky?"

Here is the deal. I am a firm believer that luck comes to those who work their tails off. More times than lot, luck is the reward if you will. If you work to hone your craft and you work tirelessly to form good habits and carry those habits out long term, you too can be lucky.

One of the main reasons I chose to write about luck is because (as referenced in the beginning of this post) I have had what seems to be a string of bad luck. But, instead of feeling sorry for myself and allowing myself to fall into old (bad) habits, I continue to work towards my ultimate goal.

My advice to you:

If you have had a string of tough times recently, treat these times as opportunity. Opportunity to build back up and become stronger than you were before. These are the times when, although difficult, you should smile. Knowing that you made it through virtually unscathed is "lucky" in it self.

Nothing that was ever handed to anyone was as appreciated as something that someone had to earn. Without tough times, we wouldn't know what good times are. It's the bad times that help us appreciate when we've got "luck on our side".

So, yes, I do believe in luck. But I also believe we have some say in whether we're "lucky" or not. Every day is another opportunity to get on minds right. To show that you're tougher than "bad luck".

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Jake S.

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