• Jake Shaw

Change Your persepctive

It's been far to long. I figured since the new year is here, I would dust off the old blog and present a little bit of a "change of perspective" if you will.

If you have been following my journey for some time, you may have noticed that I am not posting the same content I was when I first started this wild ride. Over the course of my first year in business, I have learned so much and am always wanting to learn more.

More so than just simply posting workout videos, I want to bring you actual content that you may find useful. I want to connect with those who see my regular content on a more personal level, because after all, I am a personal trainer and "personal" is what I do.

This same tactic can be applied to any way of life. To anyone inside or outside of the fitness community. To anyone who has a message they want to share. In today's world, judgement is strewn around on a number of platforms and throughout the media and its time that we embrace who we are and what we've been put on this planet to do

For those who don't understand, I am talking about CHANGE. If change is what you seek, then do what you know you need to do to get the results you're chasing. I am not simply one who talks to talk or who wants to blow smoke to my followers. I wanted to bring more quality content an change the focus of my social media pages.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN CHANGING WHO YOU ARE. I am simply reinforcing, refocusing and making adjustments how I see fit.

If there is something in this world that you've been meaning to try. to learn or maybe to do, now is the opportunity to do so, With so much knowledge readily available to the public, grasping on to new information has never been easier for us as a society.

My plans for 2020 still include helping individuals realize their potential, break down the mental walls restricting them from living a healthier life and becoming stronger on multiple platforms (mentally, physically, spiritually).

Fitness is (and always will be) more than just moving weights. Its a vehicle of health. A lifestyle re-imagining. A way to better ourselves.

We all have plans for 2020 and while putting pen to paper (planning) is important, putting plans into action is as well. There is not set of rules to follow or blueprints in place. We have to find our own ways to make things happen. That said, the path we follow may be vastly different..... AND THAT'S OK!

Today's society is constantly looking for fresh ideas, new ways to accomplish the once unthinkable, so the real message of today's blog is:

Do some shit you love. Try something that makes you uncomfortable. Gather information from others who have once been where you are now. Build and initiate your plan of action. Because in the end, our legacy is less important than our happiness.

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