• Jake Shaw

2020 Doesn't Suck. Your approach DOES.

Whats up all you beautiful people?

First off, I just want to say that I appreciate you.

Secondly, I want to destroy this notion that "This year sucks". Yes, it's different than we (as a society) are used to. But, that doesn't mean the whole year is a waste of time. It's time we put our proverbial foot down together and say;


While most of you have "thrown the towel in" on 2020, there are still people out there hustling and working tirelessly to make ends meet. There are people who are unsure about how they will pay the bills.

So school may look different for you and your kids this year. Maybe shopping for groceries is a little weird right now. There might even be chance that you can't do some of the things you're used to.


These issues and many more were around before this pandemic unfolded this year. Now, I'm not here to preach to you about the virus or anything else. All I am trying to bring attention to is the fact that we (as a nation) have had many underlying problems prior to this all happening.

Yes, last year and this year's senior classes got the literal short end of the stick. They didn't get to experience many of the same things you or I did in their final year of school. They didn't have a traditional prom, graduation was odd but well thought out, and they graduated into a world everything is out of control.

Politically. Economically. Systematically.

So lets get this straight. Because you and your 10 alcoholic friends can't bar hop the same way as you could in 2019, you have come to the ridiculous conclusion that 2020 sucks??


But, I digress.

Many of us (society) have decided, rather rapidly, that being negative is "easy". So is complaining about every aspect of your life, right?

If you have followed my journey for any amount of time at all, you know that I am constantly bringing forth the idea of spreading positivity.

No, this does not mean being constantly "fake" or "sheltered". Positivity is the other side of the story. The same story you see through your eyes may not mean the same thing to someone else. What you take for granted in your every day life may be a gift from god to someone else.

I'm tired of seeing hate spewed on social media. I'm tired of people hearing something and coming to the conclusion that there is no other way. I'm tired of actual media constantly working to create divide amongst friends and neighbors.

Life is web strung together with every decision we make and its time we choose to work together to improve not only our current status, but the future of those who are "up next".

I don't disagree that adversity hits us all differently. But, one thing I do know, is that when facing adversity, the decisions we are faced with are the very same decisions we live with for the rest of our lives.

When it boils down it, some things will always be out of our control. With that said, the decision is yours. Will you join me in working today to make for a better tomorrow or are you content sitting back and allowing the adversity we all face to swallow you up?

Read that again. Really think about it.

Jake S.


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